Hello! I am writing to you on a a very full flight (~6 hours) back to Portland Oregon after spending a week in Orlando Florida for the end of year Mozilla All-Hands.

I have been working at Mozilla for a smidge over 4 months now. (My official start date being August 6, 2018.) This was my very first all hands.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Mozilla, while not a huge company, is certainly the largest company I have ever worked for (~1300 employees, so I was told.) Before arriving the general advice I received was saturated with recommendations to take as many breaks as I needed and to nap often. I was a little concerned what I was about to walk into, truth be told. :worry:

Right away, we were immersed. While certainly very action-packed and tiring, I don’t feel fatigued mentally. I feel very inspired about what we are doing at Mozilla and feel more solidified about our direction moving forward.

For some context, I work on the Websites MozMEAO team in Marketing. Our team has the great priviledge of working on mozilla.org, a myriad of other pages across Mozilla, alongwith any sort of campaigns that the other teams within Marketing imagine up. No two days are the same, and it is incredibly interesting/creative work. It’s awesome.*

*If you are coding-inclined, you should pop over to our GitHub repo and check out all the cool stuff we’re doing. Feel free to submit an issue or a pull request if you would like to contribute. :-)